Ideas for Blending Ornate Mirrors with Popular Decor styles

The extra time we've had living our best monastic lives has allowed some of us to become self-taught interior decorators with one year of "training" in manipulating color and learning about the latest trends.

Interior design trends show the fine lines between style classifications and how they overlap and sometimes collide. Ornate mirrors with scrolls and other elaborate details emerged as a long-desired object that can formulate depth and build harmony. When looking for an ornate mirror, don't let your current home decor weigh in too heavily on your final decision.

Grand Millennial
Grand Millennial


Grand millennial style, also fondly known as grandma chic for thirty-somethings, comprises fringed throw pillows, patterned floral wallpaper, sterling silver flatware, anything needlepoint, crystal chandeliers, and the unexpected piece of abstract art. Another way to think of the grand millennial decor styling is maximalism. This lavish look begs for collections of unusual objects.

Arch Antique Gold Ornate Metal Accent Wall MirrorArch Antique Gold Ornate Metal Accent Wall Mirror

A metal gold Baroque mirror embellished with scrolls at the apex and base works well as a central focal point of any selected room. Then build out a gallery wall around your mirror with small to medium works of various types of carefully chosen art. Toile or floral wallpaper looks smashing with grandma chic and will complement the detail in an ornate mirror.


The transitional style is a blend of traditional and contemporary décor that is popular with many people. The décor can cross decades and still feel fresh. Persian rugs, glass tables with picture books, Victorian chandeliers, linen drapes, jute rugs, graphic throw pillows, and animals prints, with tastefully framed landscapes can all work in a transitional decorated room. This style maintains a nice balance between maximalist and minimalist.

Arch Black Ornate Metal Accent Wall MirrorArch Black Ornate Metal Accent Wall Mirror

An elongated arched black wall mirror with flourish details at the pinnacle leaning or hanging above a mantle is a quintessential representation of sophistication that will tie your space together like a bow on a present.

French Country
French Country

If you've ever been to a Parisian cafe or French florist, you'll understand the light and airy concept behind French Country decor. The French Country style's hallmarks are a green, yellow, red, and blue color palette, textured or vintage porcelain plates decorated with floral patterns, whitewashed wood, or marble tables with ornate iron bases. Farmhouse tabletop accent pieces including ceramic, wood, or metal containers filled with botanicals and floral wall art give a room a fresh springtime glow.

Prominent ornate decorative mirrors are reminiscent of French Royalty homes like the Chateau de Chantilly. It would be a design crime for a beautiful round baroque mirror in pewter with rolling scroll trimmings to not be a visual focal point in this trend.

Scandinavian design

At least half of several Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Norway sit above the Arctic circle, which makes for a very cold existence for the people who live there. Cozy, relaxing, and warm wins over a style like airy and open French Country out of fundamental need. Minimalist simple wood furnishings, clean lines, and simple chunky textures, like snug wool blankets in greyscale, neutrals, and whites with slight hints of color, are key Scandinavian design elements.

Antique Bronze Ornate Metal Accent Wall MirrorAntique Bronze Ornate Metal Accent Wall Mirror

When living in a somewhat harsh environment, you want durable, well-made pieces that last year after year paired with accessories that have value and are unique. A solid square metal framed mirror with embellishment on top adds an unexpected design detail that stands out when paired with sparse furnishing types.

Ornate mirrors have gained notoriety for being opulent or sometimes over-the-top flashy. In reality, they work in many different homes. It is only a matter of finding an ornate mirror that catches your eye and blends with your home's decor.