How to Increase the Depth of your Space with Ornate Round Mirrors

Most experienced and successful interior decorators use various visual-spatial techniques, tricks, and carefully selected products to achieve their desired outcomes. Designers understand the impact mirrors, in all shapes, embellished, unembellished, framed, or unframed, have on building out space and addressing decor snags. Understanding how to use mirrors to bring out the best in your home can also be easy for a DIY interior designer, with a bit of guidance.

The round mirror, simple in its practicality, is primarily used to reflect our surroundings back to us. Luckily, we can use its simplicity to help us make it a powerful tool for the amateur interior designer and make the most of our surroundings.

A secondary application to its reflective capabilities is a mirror's shape, which utilizes shadows and angles to refract natural lighting and enhance a room's dimensions. Round or oval mirrors are artful in harnessing and maneuvering light. Hanging a round wall mirror in just the right spot can significantly impact a room's overall aesthetic.

Hang Oversized Round Mirrors Across from a Doorway

Rustic Whitewash and Neutral Wood Framed round wall mirrorRustic Whitewashed And Neutral Wood Framed Round Wall Mirror 

Each home has its own unique furniture layout, but occasionally, an area or room just feels too small, even with the most pared-down furnishings. Entryways and areas near doorways are often pinched points that feel dark, hard to maneuver, or too narrow.

By hanging a mid-sized or larger spherical mirror opposite a door or entryway, the mirror attracts every bit of lighting available to increase the visual aspect and brighten your space. The reflections in the large mirror show more of the room in your eye line, making it feel like the area is bigger because you can visualize more of it.

Round Mirrors on a Dark Background

Black Ripple texture galvanized metal round wall mirrorBlack Ripple Textured Galvanized Metal Framed Round Wall Mirror

Let's put an end to a common color fallacy. Darker tones do not make a room appear smaller, but a dark wall will appear withdrawn compared to a white wall. There is an easy mirror placement opportunity here.

A circular mirror with a minimal frame hung on a wall painted a darker color will allow the mirror to shine and reduce the effect of the dark wall retreating. If the mirror is round, this allows it to be the eye-grabbing focal point of that room. Naturally, brighter objects seem more significant when placed in a dark corner or wall.

Decorative Round Mirrors in Small Rooms 

Fashion MirrorsGold Vintage Ornate Baroque Galvanized Metal Framed Round Wall MirrorGold Painted Metal Framed Pineapple Accent Wall Mirror

Does your room feel overcrowded even with minimal clutter? This is a common concern people have in older homes. For smaller spaces, experts in design recommend a large circular mirror to add depth and a feeling of openness. Two or more mirrors in place of a larger one strategically placed will have the same appeal.

Affix a smaller oval mirror with any style frame next to a window to create the illusion of more windows. Next, place a decorative round mirror larger in size on an adjacent wall to maximize the reflections. Each decorative mirror plays with the lighting and scope of the room to eliminate the perceived illusion of clutter while adding to the room's overall style.

Round Mirrors to Soften a Room

Fluted metal with dual rustic wood frame round wall accent mirrorFluted Metal With Rustic Dual Wood Frame Round Wall Accent Mirror

Furniture and other decorative pieces rely on each other to create balance and express your style. Circular mirrors help develop that balance and style by offering something a rectangular mirror does not contrast.

Most furnishings like couches, rugs, picture frames, etc., are heavy with angular edges. Unlike a rectangular mirror, the sleek curves of a large round decorative mirror or a pod of smaller round mirrors evoke a softer side, toning down the sharper corners of rectangular pieces.

Here is a final tidbit for the weary DIY decorator: An ornate frame on a round mirror can charm your guests as much as a striking painting or sculpture. Use a mirror in place of or in addition to a canvas print for a chic and unique take on wall art.

You don't have to be a trained designer to learn about the benefits of mirrors and what they can do to improve your home. Buy what you like and follow a few recommended steps to create an enchanted space.