How to Easily Hang a Wall Mirror

You’re at the home decor or hardware store, browsing the aisles when you spot an enticing metallic glimmer that catches your eye.

Intrigued, you take a step into the aisle only to find a framed beveled mirror that is just perfect for your home! Excited, you snatch it up and make your way to the checkout to purchase your newfound treasure. Later when you’re finally ready to display your brand new mirror, you realize you have no idea how to hang it! Thankfully, thanks to some quick Google snooping you find this handy article that tells you exactly how to hang a wall-mounted mirror! 

Enough of that—onto business. If you want to display a wall hanging mirror, you’ll need a few tools and accessories first.

If you don’t have the items pictured here, we recommend heading to the hardware store to pick them up because they’ll come in handy for more projects than just this one.

Once you’ve gathered your tools and the necessary supplies, you’ll need to decide what’s the perfect place to hang your new mirror.

Experts generally advise hanging your mirror at eye level to maximize its usefulness. If, however, you have other plans, proceed to figure out the placement with your tape measure and a pencil.

After deciding on the appropriate height for your mirror you’re going to want to mark the placement with a straight line. Make sure this line is perfectly straight by using a level.

You’ll also want to determine the distance between the d-rings or hangers of your mirror. Do this by taking a quick measure of this distance on your mirror and marking your wall with two dots where the mirror will hang.

Observe the screws or wall anchors you’ll be using to hang your mirror, taking note of their diameter. Using a smaller drill bit than your widest screw or wall anchor, drill a pilot hole into your wall. If you’re using a wall anchor to reinforce your walls, drill all the way through before placing the anchor in the hole and hammering or twisting it in. If you’re using a screw, drill part-ways through and let the screw take care of the rest.

If you’re using some combo of nail and hook, take the time to hammer it into place. From there, simply follow the instructions on your chosen hanging kit.

Don’t be deceived: mirrors are heavy. You’ll be holding this mirror for a good minute to try and get it on your wall, so grab a friend or helper and get to it. Once it’s on your wall, take a step back to admire your handiwork.

Hanging a mirror really isn’t as hard as you may think. It only takes a few steps to complete and leaves you with a stunning piece of decor you’re guaranteed to enjoy for years to come.