How to Choose a Bathroom Mirror That's Perfect for Your Space

Can you imagine not having a mirror in your bathroom? Yea, neither can we. If that were the case, we'd leave the house daily with smudges of toothpaste on our cheeks. Bathroom mirrors are not optional decor, but how does one go about selecting a bathroom mirror that reflects everything you want to see while creating symmetry in your space?

Explore sites that offer lifestyle images displaying different shapes and sizes of mirrors in a powder room or bathroom setting. Grab a tape measure and measure the width of your vanity and then the space above your vanity. Knowing the basic dimensions of your bathroom will assist you in making a final decision.


Distressed Silver Two-Step Rectangular Framed Beveled Mirror

Proportionally, your mirror should generally not exceed the width of your counter or vanity and ideally should be one to two inches narrower. For smaller spaces, you may want to take another two to three off the width of the mirror. Maintain balance and clean lines as much as possible.

The exception to the above rule is when you want to expand the look of a compact bathroom. Then hang a more oversized mirror that runs the entire width of the toilet and vanity combined, only if they are side by side. If not, fill 80%- 90% of the wall space above the vanity. Be sure each side of the mirror, framed or unframed, forms a straight line with the end sides of the toilet and vanity to increase the visual impact.


Tall Mirror City of Dreams on Pinterest

 Image by City of Dreams on Pinterest

Bending over to see your reflection is uncomfortable and does not accurately represent your appearance. Choose a mirror that extends vertically enough to capture even the tallest person's image. Think of a reflection like a photo. Would you want part of your head cut off?

Emphasize high ceilings with a tall, narrow mirror or add the illusion of height to low ceilings by accentuating a room's vertical space. The thin form of the mirror leaves room for other decorative pieces.

Wall to Wall

Wall to Wall Mirror Decor Pad

Image by Decorpad

Wall-to-wall mirrors are a beneficial alternative to standard hanging mirrors. A wall-to-wall mirror will open up your bathroom in every direction through the optical illusion of more space and enhanced light refraction.

Double vanities sometimes come with a lot of extra countertop space, depending on the size of the room. Solitary smaller-sized mirrors may appear overwhelmed by a more oversized vanity. A wall-to-wall mirror may be a better match in some bathroom setups.

Mirror & Lighting

Sconces with Vanity Mirror

Image by Domain

If your bathroom lacks ample overhead lighting, this may necessitate a need for smaller mirrors to accommodate sconces or other lighting fixtures to mount around the mirror. You won't get the best mirror images without proper lighting.

Before investing in a mirror or light fixtures, take measurements on either side of the mirror to ensure you have enough room to fit a pair of sconces. Another option is mounting a single light above the mirror. But remember, the mirror needs to be high enough to reflect a full figure.


Bold Mirror The Cottage Journal

Image by The Cottage Journal

Our bathrooms tend to be purely functional spaces. Despite this, you still want this nook to be an inviting place in your home.

Bold mirrors are eye-grabbing statement pieces that can pull the focus from the less exciting areas of the bathroom like an old bathtub or toilet. Novelty mirrors are fun to style and come in a vast array of unique shapes, frames, and themes.

The right mirror can really change up your bathroom and give it a luxe look without the need to make sweeping changes. After finalizing your mirror and lighting, add a few accent pieces to complete the look!