5 Unique Fashion Mirrors That Will Revive Your Home Decor

One evening, after arriving home from a long day of meetings and the chaos of daily life, you sit back for a moment, look around and take a good hard look at the room you are in.

You contemplate for a minute and think, "do I like what I've created, and what can I do to breathe some life back into my personal space"?

One word. MIRRORS. More specifically, aesthetic, tasteful, and durable mirrors, objects of reflection done well with substantial materials, distinct decorative framing, and non-warping glass. There's a unique mirror style for every room, decor style, and personal preference and we will help you find yours.


Black Rectangular Metal Framed Swivel Floating Wall Mirror

 Black Rectangular Metal Framed Swivel Floating Wall Mirror

Hanging a mirror in your entryway by the front door can be practical as well as brighten up your decor. When deciding on the color, shape, and structure of a decorative mirror, evaluate your needs. Do you have a large entryway allowing for storage, console table and full-length mirror or is it more of a hallway entrance where space is at a premium?

Adding a square mirror in a strategic area on a wall with a left/right swivel feature allows tilting the mirror to harness all available light shining in from nearby lighting sources. This handsome piece crafted from sturdy metal and premium glass will invigorate your space with covetable, functional elegance with every image glance for years to come.


Antique Bronze Ornate Metal Accent Wall Mirror

 Antique Bronze Ornate Metal Accent Wall Mirror

For history enthusiasts in the audience, you know quite well that mirrors were a sign of status throughout history. Evoke that same feeling of luxury in your home by bringing in a mirror that has details that make it a focal point in any room. 

Mirrors encased in round, antiqued, metal frames with detail apex scrolls give any room an air of class and sophistication. Older homes with carved mantles and original details almost require a mirror of this stature to complete a cohesive turn of the century aesthetic.


Metal Framed 5 Piece Accent Mirror Variety Set

 Metal Framed 5 Piece Accent Mirror Variety Set

Home decor can be as minimalist or flashy as the personality behind the design. An antique style or simple round mirror doesn't carry the same grand gesture that a five-piece set of gold-framed mid-century modern mirrors convey.

If your main objective is to build an eclectic gallery of modern art, unique objects, and mirror accents, one large-sized piece will take up too much space and become the solitary focal point. Use multiple mirrors to bring a cohesive feel to the collection and guide viewers attention to the items around the mirrors.

If you like a more minimalist look, a collection of mirrors with slim frames, in a variety of sizes provide visual interest without looking too busy.


Rustic Whitewashed Wood Framed Round Wall Mirror With Inlaid Rope

 Rustic Whitewashed Wood Framed Round Mirror with Inlaid Rope

That new jetted tub has turned your bright and breezy bathroom into a beachfront property on Kitts and Nevis, but you're still in the mode of deciding on towel racks, fixtures, and mirrors to finish your Caribbean tropics look.

Staying on point with a nautilus, sea, and sun theme, choose a coastal whitewashed round wood mirror with inlaid natural white and navy jute rope. The circular shape hung above the sink neighboring a window to capture light reminds us of a houseboat portal.


Rustic Wooden Dual Window Shutter Wall Mirror With Shelf And Rod

 Rustic Wooden Dual Window Shutter Wall Mirror with Shelf and Rod

Multi-purpose. Have we caught your attention? Space-saving is a frequent phrase uttered in most decor blogs these days. Do more with less, and this is more than possible to accomplish.

Our latest fashion mirror is a classic farmhouse-style mirror adorned with natural-toned wood shutters, a spacious shelf for toiletries, and a towel rack. Hang in front of or next to your bathtub or shower for convenient use. All you have to do is reach a little to grab your razor, book or towel.

Choosing the perfect fashion mirror for you is the same process as selecting artwork. Review your needs, dimensions, and lighting in your space and what style, shape, and size speaks to you. Being comfortable in your home is truly priceless.